New to IAMI? Join today!

Established in 1993, IAMI is the national level not-for-profit association formed by professionals working in the field of medical informatics in India. We encourage you to join IAMI to network with medical informatics professionals, participate in educational activities, and shape the future of medical informatics and improve healthcare in India and around the world.

Three types of membership are available:

  • Individual membership - for any individual
  • Student membership - for full-time students in any educational or research institution subject to verification.
  • Organisational membership - for academic/research institutions, healthcare/government organisations and companies. Includes membership for up to 6 nominated individuals.

Currently, IAMI charges a one-time life membership fee.

  • Individual members: INR 3,000 (Indian residents) or USD 100 (residents of other countries), one-time fee.
  • Student members: INR 150 (Indian residents) or USD 5 (residents of other countries), per year. Limited to 5 years for PhD students and 3 years for other students. Students may apply for individual membership when they graduate.
  • Organisational members: INR 15,000 (registered in India) or USD 500 (registered outside India), one-time fee.

Please note that new applications for IAMI membership is currently on hold while we complete some administrative tasks. We invite you to join the IAMI_Gen mailing list meanwhile to participate in general medical informatics discussions. Please send us a note so that we can notify you when registrations are enabled again.